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Upgrade or Implement the Industry Leading EAM - Maximo 8.9 is now Available!

Maximo Application Suite  (MAS) is an integrated suite, enabling easier access to a full set of asset lifecycle applications, with flexibility to start at any point in the asset lifecycle and expand into other areas.  Deployment flexibility, through Red Hat OpenShift and hybrid cloud, enables diverse options for provisioning Maximo Application Suite across multiple clouds, on premises, or hosted on IBM Cloud or AWS. 


Starting with IBM Maximo Manage and expanding access to asset performance management applications, the Maximo Application Suite portfolio of offerings can enable your organization to obtain operational visibility of assets through their lifecycle with the potential for faster ROI, increased productivity, and operational uptime.



The Maximo Application Suite streamlines installation and administration, while enhancing the user experience with shared data, workflow, and user experience. Infused with artificial intelligence (AI), this offering is purpose-built to accelerate digital transformation of traditional asset maintenance into AI-driven maintenance.



Maximo Application Suite includes the following:

  • IBM Maximo Manage

  • IBM Maximo Monitor

  • IBM Maximo Health

  • IBM Maximo Predict

  • IBM Maximo Health and Predict - Utilities

  • IBM Visual Inspection

  • IBM Visual Inspection Edge

  • IBM Maximo Assist

  • IBM Maximo Safety


New in Maximo Application Suite 8.9


Maximo Asset Management is now Maximo Manage


Maximo Manage is now deployed as containerized services managed by Red Hat OpenShift. Maximo Manage deployment logic is consistent with the other Maximo Application Suite applications. By leveraging the container-based deployment platform based on Red Hat OpenShift, clients experience a common enterprise grade deployment model across all applications within Maximo Application Suite.


New features include:

  • IBM Maximo Mobile with Technician and Inspections that can be used with IBM Maximo Spatial in connected mode or disconnected mode

  • Capability to run Maximo Manage and its industry solutions and add-ons on Red Hat OpenShift

  • User experience that is consistent with all of the other Maximo offerings in Maximo Application Suite

  • Option for shared infrastructure with IBM Maximo Health when Maximo Manage is installed

  • Metering support and linear control update for IBM Maximo Civil Infrastructure


Maximo Health and Predict - Utilities


This release includes python asset health models for a variety of classes, including transformers and circuit breakers. A subset of the Common Information Model (CIM), an industry standard data model, is also added to Maximo Health to enable modeling of complex electrical transmission and distribution networks. Data loader scripts are included to simplify data loading from external data sources. Users can leverage external data science capabilities to create more sophisticated analytical models in IBM Watson Studio.


Electrical utilities can benefit from a set of new capabilities in Maximo Health and Predict - Utilities that are dedicated to their industry.


Maximo Monitor

  • Hierarchy view of assets

  • Consolidated alert summary view

  • Custom function for data quality metric


Maximo Health and Maximo Predict

  • Map view for viewing assets along with their score and their geographic location

  • Information on history of Health scores and maintenance

  • Replacement planning capability

  • Extended scoring

  • Option for shared infrastructure with Maximo Manage


Maximo Assist

  • Integration with Maximo Manage for seamless assistance during work execution

  • Improved ingestion of work orders and content to build AI knowledge base

  • Real-time video streaming during remote collaboration session

  • Additional configuration options for AI query results

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